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    Need Help For Lunches!


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    Need Help For Lunches!

    Post  Admin on Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:22 am

    My husband (many of you know him, Stu!) works really long shifts as a rigger. He climbs telecommunication towers for a living, year round.
    He has no access to a fridge or microwave, and he drives me absolutely insane (to the point of wanting to suffocate him in his sleep) buying redbulls and flaky pastries from Mac's to fill his belly.

    I usually try to buy him things he can take for lunches, and always make too much at dinner for him to take as leftovers (depending on what it is). He's of no help and gives me the typical man response when I ask him "what do you want me to buy you for lunches this week?".... his response? "I don't know". Rolling Eyes

    I found a recipe online that is super yummy and we modified it slightly. Tortilla's with spicy hummus (or refried beans) with assorted beans, cheese, and whatever other veggies are in the house. At 38 weeks pregnant, I don't really feel like making my husband's lunch everyday. He's a grown freaking man, more then capable of doing it himself. BUT I'll do it to save our bank account and stop the redbull/pastry diet!

    He's sick of bagels apparently (even after I make "great canadian bagel"-like cream cheese) and he ends up eating them cold (yuck). He's sick of PB&J and he's sick of granola bars.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    *remember, we don't eat meat, just another layer to the challenge!*

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