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    Finnigan's Birth Story


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    Finnigan's Birth Story

    Post  Admin on Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:47 pm

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    He's finally here!

    Finnigan (Finn) was born one week ago, on the 28th at 6:16am. It was a perfect waterbirth here at home.

    I'm so excited to share my birth story, and seeing as it's only a week after the fact I'm going to try to not get all post-prego emotional. It'll be hard though!

    Last week at my midwife appointment, I found out I was 2 cms dilated. I was having a bad/hard week because Stu was away for work and the days with Gage while so uncomfortably pregnant were long and hard. I was exhausted by noon. I called Stu while in the parking lot after the appointment and told him that I really just needed him to come home. Luckily he has an amazing boss and was told to take however long he needed. Seeing as my biggest concern was him not making it home in time for the delivery, I was so relieved.

    While I was horribly uncomfortable the rest of the day, and all day the next, there was still no "real" labor. I was glad to have Stu home to spend time with Gage. Thursday night I stayed up a little late and watched my fave shows on TV (Grey's and Scandal!) and around 10:30pm I started to get some contractions that were 3 minutes apart, but not horribly strong. Seeing as I'd had so many false starts already, I just shrugged my shoulders and took some gravol to help me sleep.

    I woke up at 1am with strong contractions that were still 2-3 minutes apart. I woke Stu up and we counted a few of them before calling my midwife. She told me that I should count them and make sure there's a real pattern for the next hour, and then call her back and that she would slowly be getting herself ready too. I stretched out on my side in bed while Stu watched TV and we timed contractions. They stayed 2-3 minutes apart but they got stronger steadily. We called my midwife back after the hour and she said she was on her way. Stu called my mom and dad, who answered the phone pretty darn fast for it being 2am and told them "it's time!".

    My midwife arrived soon after calling her and sat with me for a few contractions. We joked that we knew it was time because I wasn't as chatty as normal lol. I was having to really keep myself relaxed through each contraction at this point, because I was determined to let my body progress as it should and I knew that in order for it to do so I needed to keep every muscle still. Trish checked me and I was 5-6 cms dilated. Stu got the tub blown up and ready, and I couldn't wait to climb into the warm water. My midwife set up her equipment and my parents arrived with coffee for Stu. My mom snuck upstairs to see me and wish me luck, then quietly went downstairs to wait.

    The tub took no time at all to get ready, and Stu helped me climb in. It was unbelievable how much better I felt, and how much it took the edge off each contraction. I can't imagine not having the water! Shortly after, the 2nd midwife arrived. Both midwives finished setting up their equipment, making our room look like a mini hospital suite, while Stu rubbed my back and sat with me through contractions. They kept getting more intense, and I was able to move around in the tub to feel more comfortable. I would lean forward over the side and hold Stu's jean pockets while I relaxed every muscle. I felt like at this point I had a really good handle on things and I managed to keep in a good zone. We even joked a little between contractions. My midwives seemed to read my mind, and every time I had a rough contraction that was a little harder to get through, they started saying such positive words of encouragement and it worked so well for me. They kept saying "your doing this, and handling it all so beautifully!" and it made me feel like I was almost there and that I could do it.

    I really have no concept of time at this point, and everything seemed to be taking forever, but I was trying so hard to just stay relaxed and stay in each moment. The minute I started to think too much I became overwhelmed. Contractions got really intense, and so hard to get through alone. I would not have managed without Stu. He is always really laid back and calm, and he was my rock through the entire ordeal. He kept telling me I could do it and I was so close. Near the end we actually heard Gage wake up (I think it was around 5:30am) which we suspected would happen because of all the excitement and people coming and going. My mom met him in the hallway and he went downstairs for breakfast with my parents. He was so excited when he learned that his baby brother was on his way!

    Because I had an epidural with Gage, I felt the urge to push but not NEARLY as strong as I did this time around. I didn't recognize it right away as the urge to "push", I thought it was just contractions getting REALLY strong. After 2 or 3 VERY strong contractions I started to listen to my body and slowly push. It felt SOOOOOO much better. The urge was so strong, and once I started I couldn't stop. As the baby was crowning, I got the urge to throw up, which was HORRIBLE, because anyone that knows me even just a little knows how much I HATE to puke. Right after the horrible throwing up experience, which REALLY was the worst part of the whole labor, my midwife told me that my water had never broken (I wasn't sure, because I was in the water already and hadn't felt a "gush") which means the baby would be born in the water sac (also known as a caul). I'd heard of it before, and knew it was really rare and that it was supposed to be a good luck omen for that baby. The whole pushing part of the labor didn't last long, I didn't feel like I should take a break at any point, so I just continued to push as my body told me to until he was out. Pulling him out of the water and bringing him to my chest was one of the best moments of my life. Right up there with Gage's birth and my wedding day!

    The first thing I said was "he looks like Gage!" (and he does) and then I looked at Stu in disbelief and said "I did it!". I thought I would cry uncontrollably, but I think I was in such shock that I REALLY had done it without medication and on my own terms. A week has passed and I still haven't accepted it all! The emotions involved and the adrenaline I felt immediately after were nothing I've ever experienced before and probably will never experience again.

    I sat in the tub with baby Finn on my chest for a little bit, getting to know each other. Stu was leaning over my shoulder and excitedly checking out his new baby. We got out of the tub slowly and one midwife tended to me while the other took baby Finn and had Stu cut the cord. I was wrapped in towels and laid down on my bed with Finn on my chest. He was really quiet when he was born, no crying, nothing. He whimpered when we got out of the tub and was taken away from me for the cord cut, then calmed right back down once he was with me again. He did the "breast crawl" and latched on within minutes.

    I did have a small tear, which I was really scared about, but it was only because I'd torn with Gage. It's not NEARLY as bad as with Gage, in fact, the same day Finn was born I was able to sit perfectly normal in a wooden chair with no discomfort. A week later and I feel like I didn't even have a baby.

    Stu held baby while I got up and into the shower. It was so nice to shower! I washed my hair and even contemplated shaving my legs before getting out. I climbed into comfy pajamas and crawled back into bed (the midwives were cleaning up the room and putting it all back to normal) and then one of the midwives weighed Finn. I didn't think he looked as big as Gage when he was born, Gage seemed so much more solid. I guessed he would weigh about 8 pounds, and Stu guessed 7 something. Once again, same as with Gage, we were blown away when they announced he was 9 pounds! 1 oz less then his big brother!

    My parents knew at this point that there was a baby, and were DYING to come upstairs and meet him. Morning was in full swing and my mom made us a plate of food. Once the midwives tidied everything up, my parents and Gage came upstairs. Gage crawled into bed between Stu and I and held Finn. The look of awe on his face was unforgettable. He kissed his brother on the head and told him "I love you baby brother". My mom teared up as she held him, and everyone confirmed that he was (is) perfect.

    My parents took Gage out to the park to play, then took him for pancakes. Stu and I curled up in bed with Finn and napped. I couldn't stop looking at him (and I still can't!), he's just so perfect!

    After one week, he's been such a good baby. He never cries, is awake for long periods and so calm and curious. I know newborns can't see much but blurry shapes, but he looks RIGHT at us and follows Gage's voice when he's close by. He makes lots of little snorting noises and he sneezes like my dad.

    I feel 100% better this time compared to last time with Gage. I think this time I have more patience, and sleep deprivation (so far) hasn't been so bad. It's hard to be tired when you have a sweet little baby to cuddle at 3am! I'm actually a little sad that I didn't educate myself about midwives sooner so that I could have a better experience then I did with Gage. While I don't plan on having any more babies (at all, ever) I can't imagine ever going to the hospital again for something like childbirth. Because this is our last baby, I've taken advantage of every second so that I can remember everything about Finn being this tiny. I LOVE the newborn stage, and I know one day I'll miss it so much.

    Here's a link to information about babies born "in the caul", like Finn was.

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